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Laura-Jane Frances
04 June 2008 @ 05:38 pm

To do: Keep a record of my finances. Seriously. I have a student overdrafft but I HATE going into it. So far I've had to only to pay for my computer, but that's cleared now.

Anyway I bought a new phone today. It's really nice, nothing too high-tech and snazzy but it suits what I need. The contract I switched to isn't bad either; Unlimited texts and 800 free minutes. I used to go over my last allowance by quite a bit, I paid £15 for 600 texts and 75 voice minutes monthly. Now I'm paying £35 a month, but it's worth it for how much I over-spent on my last contract. XD Just hope I have enough to live on when I move to Cardiff, but my family agreed to help out, so it's all good.

Why is life so expensive? >.< I hate money!

Anyway glammies T-Shirts tomorrow, then home. Glammies friday, unfortunately I can't drink because I need to go home and go to work the next day.

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Laura-Jane Frances
30 May 2008 @ 08:03 pm
It's funny, deleting your facebook account is easy at first but later you think 'Man, I'm missing out on what my friends are doing....I'm suddenly 'not cool' for not having an account anymore...I'm all alone!'. Ironic coming from someone who had over 200 friends on her account, most of which I never spoke to.

I deleted my account because I found it far too distracting, and because of my history with people on there it made moving on from them harder. I'm talking about ex-boyfriends, people who used to pick on me in high school, all that. It brings up so many old feelings that I just _don't_ want.

I'm into computers but social networking....ugh, something I've openly hated since day 1. I've never had a MySpace, never wanted one nor felt obliged to make one. Then facebook comes along, bringing with it the flood of peer-pressure.

Bring back the days where you went out to meet your friends. Why is everything suddenly so impersonal?

Rant aside, I can't wait to go home. I'm starting to feel really depressed in halls, especially now my flatmates have gone. I miss my family, I hardly see my mother anymore and I wish I could spend more time with them than I do now. Infact I miss being close to people, I don't know if it's a concious effort or not but I seem to be distancing myself again, pouring my time into nostalgia and stuff.

I miss my sister.

So fed up of feeling down.
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Laura-Jane Frances
20 May 2008 @ 08:12 pm
I know this is a fairly idiotic thing to whinge about, considering practice = improvement, but I honestly feel like my art lacks so much.

I've spent all day trying to draw up a decent image for the Glammies website. I'd already finished one, but I was asked to re-design it because it made the Atrium (which is the campus I'm moving to next year) look like a threat to my current campus rather than a positive place to learn. Looking back over the drawing I agree completely that there's a bit of negativiy going on there but it was what my tutors asked me to design.

After handing it in to my CG tutor and getting a thumbs up last week I was asked to design the pamfflet and Tardis interior, all of which need to be submitted by tomorrow, on top of the new poster design. Because I've had such a tight deadline it just looks rushed, and it's totally killed my productivity and interest, I barely had time to thumbnail anything and I practically jumped into the final image.

I've also had to fill out my student finance forms in a hurry because they wernet forwarded to my new address. This has to be posted by Friday, and there are still some details missing that my parents need to provide.

In all I'll be glad when this week is over. I'm so tired.
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Laura-Jane Frances
14 May 2008 @ 09:28 am
It's doubtful anyone will read this but oh well, I'm not here to entertain. :D

Our flat has no hot water at the moment, our heating bills are part of the weekly rent so I hope they get it sorted soon, since I'm not paying based on what I use. I can't wait to move back to Cardiff...it gets so boring and isolated up here now that 80% of students have left halls for the summer because they're done with their studies. My course still has 3 weeks to go, not to mention the Glammies.

Next year I'm opting for concept art of the game variety. I don't enjoy animation, especially tradtional animation, as much as I thought. It's rewarding in it's own right and it can have some magical little qualities to it that make it worthwhile (I called some of my character exploration a 'happy mistake', since some of the unplanned animating happened to be the best). But as a career? No. The job market for traditional animators is already a stiff one to get into, my best option is to go with what I'm best at and learn a bit of Max and Maya, both of which we learn alongside Animo, Flash and other programs in the next 2 years. There's a bigger call for concept artists, storyboarders and designers than there is for tradtional animators, unless I want to move to Korea and work as an inbetweener.

That aside I'm going into Cardiff to get some more geeky crap for my room in halls. I paid to have the Spyro movie poster printed on A2 paper yesterday, and it's displayed happily above my computer alongside all the other Spyro, Halo, Ratchet and Clank, Futurama and Aliens stuff I have. And yes I have a life, thank you very much. :P

Back to work after Cardiff, I'll try and get hold of some allergy tablets. Bloody hayfever. :(
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